Help to choose your route for 2023

Danny Wilson has very kindly put together a full description of each of the three routes. There are three distances that cater for all cycling abilities in the lovely countryside of Berkshire. Please read through this helpful guide that may help you in your choice of route

SHORT ROUTE – 15 miles
A lovely loop north of Wokingham taking in some quiet lanes and beautiful countryside – perfect for families and those new to cycling.

The short route heads out of Cantley Park then along Bell Foundry Lane (where there is a segregated bike path for those who wish to use it) before turning north up Warren House Road and onto Maidenhead Road. Riders pass Billingbear Golf Course on the Straight Mile before doing an anti-clockwise loop through Shurlock Row, Waltham St Lawrence and Hurst where there is a well-deserved drinks stop at the St Nicholas Primary School (10 miles into the 15 mile route). Finally the route links back to The Straight Mile via Broadcommon Lane before returning to Cantley Park via Forest Road.

MEDIUM ROUTE – 25 miles
The medium route was a new addition to the 2022 Bikeathon and is perfect for those who want a stepping stone up from the short route, but aren’t quite ready for the long (35 mile) route.

The route is common with the short route until the Carter’s Hill turn off on Maidenhead Road where you will see ‘ROUTE SPLIT’ signs indicating a right turn for both the medium and long routes. From that point riders will negotiate a series of quiet roads with some rolling hills as they make a larger anti-clockwise loop north of Binfield and over to Warfield before following the yellow arrow signs north towards White Waltham.

Another ‘ROUTE SPLIT’ sign will be displayed indicating riders on the medium route turn left along Broadmoor Road towards Waltham St Lawrence where the medium route merges with the short route and follows the same roads back to Cantley Park.

The drinks stop is also common with the short route and is located at St Nicholas Primary School, 20 miles into the 25 mile route. We advise riders bring their own water (which can be refilled at the drinks stop) and snacks to eat if needed before the drinks stop in Hurst.

LONG ROUTE – 35 miles
The popular long route from 2019 is back and unchanged. This route is ideal people who have been building up their cycling distance and want to go out and do a longer route as part of an organised and fully signed event.

The route is common with the medium route until it nears White Waltham where you will see ‘ROUTE SPLIT’ signs indicating a right turn towards White Waltham for the long route. At this point if you are feeling tired you could always turn left and complete the new medium route which is 25 miles! The long route heads north up Bottle Lane before crossing the A4 and up to Warren Row. This junction will be marshalled to warn of the main road, but they are not there to tell you when it is safe to cross – you are in charge of your own safety whilst riding the route.

At 22 miles there is a well placed drinks stop at the top of biggest hill of the day where you can top up your bottles and re-stock on snacks. This will be at Crazies Hill Village Hall and will be signed appropriately. Enjoy the downhill section which takes you to the outskirts of Wargrave before crossing the A4 again, this time at Hare Hatch. As with the previous A4 crossing this will be marshalled.

Finally route heads down Milley Road before merging with both the short and medium routes at Waltham St Lawrence, following the same roads back to Cantley Park. Please be mindful of less experienced riders at this point as there will be differing abilities and fitness’s on the roads common to all three routes.