Healthy Cycling Snacks

As you start to prepare for the Wokingham Bikeathon you might be thinking about what healthy snacks you could take along with you on a ride.

Fruit and nuts make useful snacks. The fruit will provide fast releasing energy and compared to sweets it also has the benefits of vitamins and fibre.   Nuts are a good source of protein and will keep you fuller for longer, providing slow energy release alongside the faster energy from the fruit.

You could take a ready-made bar such as the many date and nut bars found in the supermarkets. When you’re buying these, take a look at the ingredients and check that they contain real food.  I’m always reading labels, and try and buy food with the least added ingredients and avoid additives and preservatives.  A cheaper option is to make your own energy balls by blending dates and nuts or nut butter, in a processor and then rolling them into a small ball; they are good fun to make and taste great coated in cocoa or desiccated coconut.  Another option is to blend banana, nuts and oats. A pinch of cinnamon might also be nice!

Trail mix is also really simple, it is a tasty mix of nuts and dried fruit such as raisins. For a treat you might even add a few chocolate raisins.

These snacks are all useful on a daily basis when you’re working, just adjust the quantities you eat though.  If you’re sitting at a desk most of the day then a snack portion of nuts would be a closed palmful amount (put the nuts in your palm and make sure you can close it), and dates and raisins are high sugar which is useful for sport but likely to be too much on a daily basis so choose an apple or some blueberries instead.

NOTE: This does not replace medical advice, please contact your doctor before changing your diet if you are on medication or have an illness.

By Joanne Hart, Registered Nutritionist.   Join her FREE Facebook group ‘The Ravenous Athlete’ and find out more here:

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