One of the joys of going on the Bikeathon ride for me was that I discovered roads and parts of Wokingham I had never travelled before despite living here for a considerable number of years. Attached is a photo of an area that everyone will pass whether on the 15 or the 35 mile ride. Hopefully you will recognise it when you go by!

I have enjoyed cycling along a network of roads criss-crossing to cycle without having to travel vast distances. It has allowed me to wander along roads, stopping to admire a beautiful flowering plant in someone’s garden. In Spring with just the right conditions the fragrance from bluebells is a stunning smell to catch in the air. With a bike, it is possible to stop easily and admire the views of the skyline.

And of course, there is always the coffee stop. I feel so sorry for the professional cyclists who have to cycle all day and miss out on that vital coffee and cake. The stop provides a time to rest and the chance to chat with friends. Sadly, many of the places are closed on a Monday which is disappointing for us but with very careful route planning this can be avoided.

I hope you enjoy the ride on Sunday 25th June. But don’t stop there if it’s the first time you have been on a bike.  Keep going and enjoy the fun of exploring the countryside around you in Wokingham. When you feel more confident there are lots of routes in other areas of Berkshire and the adjacent Oxfordshire to keep you pedalling for years.

Happy cycling.

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