Wokingham Bikeathon and a bicycle made for four….

Local charity, Limbcare have entered a team of 10 riders into the 2017 Wokingham Bikeathon on 25 June including four riders who will be powering a Surrey Bike around the 15 mile course.

Chairman of the Limbcare charity, Ray Edwards MBE said, “The Surrey Bike is, quite literally, a bicycle made for four people. More frequently seen at beach fronts, this bike will certainly stand out from the crowd in and around Wokingham. It is new to us so we are excited to get out on the Bikeathon route with it.”

The Limbcare Surrey Bike will be powered by Ray himself plus Len Amos, Gary Sewell and Tony Watson who are all amputees.

Ray, who is also one of the founders of Limbcare, was inspired to establish the charity after his experience in 1987 left him a quad amputee. “Back in 1987 there really wasn’t much in the way of support, help, inspiration or even hope for amputees in the UK,” explained Ray, “And, at the time, that was what I needed most – I needed to see that I had a future. So, we set up Limbcare in 2010 to provide that vital support to the limb impaired and those affected around them. We offer a helping hand and a step in the right direction to anyone affected by limb loss.”

Other amputees will also be participating in the event on 25 June using adapted bikes, including Chris Bantin who will be riding a hand-powered machine.

For more information about Limbcare, please visit their stall on 25 June at the start and finish of this year’s Bikeathon in Cantley Park where you will also find Tracy from Mindbody Worx who will be offering massages. Information is also available at www.limbcare.org.

Wokingham Bikeathon, which is part of National Bike Week, offers participants the option of a 15 or 35 mile ride around the roads and lanes surrounding Wokingham. It is sponsored by Rodger Duckworth Physiotherapy – entries can be made on line at www.wokinghambikeathon.co.uk.


Editors Notes


  1. Wokingham Bikeathon is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers and sponsored by Rodger Duckworth Physiotherapy in Wokingham https://rdphysio.com/

    Further information about the event, maps showing the 15 and 35 mile routes plus on line registration can be found at https://www.wokinghambikeathon.co.uk.

    For more information about National Bike Week, please visit https://www.facebook.com/NationalBikeWeek

  1. Limbcare, based in Farnborough, offers advice and peer support to amputee/ limb impaired individuals, communities, families and others impacted around them.

    We are currently collating resources to assist the wellbeing of limb impaired people and regularly meet with local voluntary service agencies to broaden horizons within NHS Trusts, enhancing ways in which vital information may be accessed by those searching for it. We are here for you, and our team are ready to answer your telephone or email enquiries.

    Limbcare has access to a vast amount of experience with the added bonus that many Limbcare volunteers are amputees. In fact, our chairman and founder, Ray Edwards, MBE, has been a quad amputee since 1987. Membership is not required; all information/advice is offered freely and is available to anyone who wishes to learn more about life as an amputee/limb impaired person and the life opportunities available.

  1. For further information about the 2017 Wokingham Bikeathon or to arrange an interview please contact: Karen Boud 07720 846928, karen@tealgreen.co.uk.